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Feel director lee byung hoon is concerned and good to his actors and actress so that they are close friends , dong -yi and the flower in prison casts are reunited recently.

The dong -yi squad in wedding of park ha sun and the flower in prison squad in mbc awards and other events, so love that casts they are always supportive no matter what, love director byung hoon he selected good actors and actress to his deabak dramas.

Fate the 2 contenders are connected to Jin Se Yeon, Lee Jong Suk and her known as hoonhee couple because they worked together in Doctor Stranger while Kim So Yeon was cameo in High End Crush the best web drama of Jin Se Yeon wooh..

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Bravo for his smart actress lee young ae, han hyo joo and jin se yeon they are won awards and they are brilliant.

Back to the flower in prison, was suprised jin se yeon is acted very good, as brave ok nyeo, to all directors of jin se yeon director lee byung hoon is the best pd without a doubt.

Our Ok-Nyeo is lucky thanks for The Flower in Prison fellas for supporting this best drama and became successful and now need your help again please vote #TFIP in MBC award as Best drama 2016 and best couple for Jin Se-Yun and Seo Ha-Jun please check in MBC section thanks fellas :) The other cast of the flower in prison have currently and upcoming drama, nice the flower in prison cast congratulations (: I'll wait jinseyun kosoo next drama, wonder if jinseyun or kosoo will back again or do a drama in MBC that's good, although this drama was the highest ratings of MBC why not?

:) Flower in Prison is highly recomended a great drama must watched JSY is good in seaguk, please I like to her cast again in seaguk drama in the future with Joo Won her original partner in K-drama JW is cast in My Sassy Girl also a seaguk drama wow!! The Joo Seyeon couple were really soulmate both land in seaguk drama.

They said jin se-yeon is not shameless so what do you call for the bad mouth people they not shameless?

because that haters are cruel to jin se-yeon it's better if she win that awards or else in excellence actress award because this year she is great in her acting, now she don't need bad haters because she do well her character.hahaha and Young Ok-Nyeo already had a crush on him from little. This is weird, though I like OK-Nyeo and YTW, I kinda ship her with SJH, they also had a great chemstry. young ok-nyeo, ok-nyeo, king myungjong, lord yoon won hyung congrats for your awards, even ko soo wasn't won award, he give justice his role so congrats also to him, chance nextime hope if they reunite jin se-yun they win awards together , congrats again leader ok-nyeo your historical drama is award winning, thanks to your team Okjoongwa.Biases actors because in their great dramas and movies for 2016 all uri( jinseyeon, kim hye soo, song hye kyo, go ara, kim go eun, yoo in na, gianna, lee yo won, son ye jin, kim ji won.Hope in the future they will cast together in romantic seaguk drama.The flower in prison is not far in the ratings of my another favorite seaguk drama MDBC wow!!Hope she work with Lee Young Ae, Han Hyo Joo, Hajiwon, Lee Yo Won this ladies are queen of historical drama Jin-Se Yun deserve to work with them and adding young actress KYJ in Moonlight drawn by the clouds and Son Ye Jin and young actress kim so hyun from The Last Princess please happen..