A dirty chat bot

It went under all the furniture it could and went places regular vacuums rarely, if ever get to!I tried the app to control it with my phone, it actually worked pretty well!

A dirty chat bot-6

I'm impressed with HOM-BOTs ability to adjust to both the hardwood floors and carpeting.

Navigation in tight spaces is really good - I was amazed at how it wandered into my office (which is a mess) and even cleaned under the desk.

We have two dogs and a lot of activity in the house, so I'm just not sure this type of vacuum is right for us.

I look forward to the ability to schedule cleaning and just have it done automatically - that will be cool.

The Bot was able to return to its charging station when the battery was low.

All and all it was pretty impressive and we would recommend this bot to anyone thinking of getting one. When I first got it, I was interested in the Wi Fi portion and yet another addition to my Home Automation projects.

Now you can start and stop cleaning, check the status of a cleaning cycle and be ready for any last-minute guests with the push of a button.

I was not sure an item like this would really work well but I was wrong! After receiving it and setting it up we let it go to work and it cleaned our kitchen, hall way and bedroom.

I must say I am really disappointed with the Android application and LG support.

In the end I think it's my issue - firewall blocking access to LG, but the phone support was terrible.

LG Hom-Bot is a truly intelligent robotic vacuum with wi-fi capabilities, giving users total control using a smartphone.