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He just got a new television deal and has several shows in development – some that he says deal with positive gay topics. As far as feature films, there doesn’t appear to have been a lot of gay representation in his directorial efforts which also include Bringing Down the House, A Walk to Remember, The Pacifier and Cheaper by the Dozen 2. ‘My first movie was The Wedding Planner and as far as I’m concerned, there is no gayer movie.

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The rest of Cory's Glee colleagues largely stayed silent after the tragic news, but Harry Shum Jr and Dot Marie Jones who play Mike Chang and Shannon Beiste on the show were among the few to tweet their condolences.The current relationship status of Adam Shankman is not known. He's a singer, he's really cute, and he's nice and he's a Christian and I really like that. Given Name: Adam Michael Shankman Age: 53 (11/27/1964)Occupation: Entertainment - Producer "[We've been dating for] a couple months.For some people, the world of entertainment is the most attractive thing in their life.Cory's heartbroken family are now all in Vancouver as they come to terms with his untimely death - his mother Ann Mc Gregor lives in nearby Victoria B.

C.while his father Joe has flown in from St John's, New Brunswick.Lenny is a hunk of a guy and is one of the most robust and muscular guys in the series.He is from Italian family background and looks striking and could comfortably fit into any romantic roles.He was born and raised in Utica and went to high school in Vernon.Regarding his wiki, there are limited data about his earnings but as a producer of reality series, ‘Hunted’ his expected net worth is millions of dollar.He is around 55 years of age and is very stocky and stands at a decent height.