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In this respect no difference can be traced between the two sets of epistles.” So while there may have been theological reasons (responding to the Apollinarian or Arian heresies) for the forgery of the additional 6 letters, nothing theological (between Catholics and Protestants) turns on these spurious letters.

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These letters are richly Catholic, so much so that the Reformer John Calvin was convinced that they couldn’t be authentic.

I mentioned this on the radio recently, and a listener wrote in to ask: I heard you on Catholic Answers yesterday, and enjoyed the informative show.

Because this text showed such an advanced stage of doctrinal development in its emphasis on the hierarchical nature of the Church and made such explicit reference to the authority of the bishop, certain Protestant scholars insisted that this version could not have been written by Ignatius, who died during or shortly after the first decade of the second century, perhaps as early as 107.

Most Roman Catholic scholars, on the other hand, “maintained the authenticity and integrity of the twelve epistles of the Long Recension.” Each side began with a set of presuppositions and decided the question of authenticity in a way that was consistent with these. For while the polemical historians were exchanges theses, antitheses, and hypotheses, other historians were patiently at work sorting out the documentary evidence and drawing reasonable conclusions from it.We have also provided some safety tips to help you in your search.If you have any concern with other members or doubts over wether a member is genuine please contact us, we offer 24/7 UK based customer support to every member, leaving you with peace of mind to enjoy your online dating experience.The differences between the two seem to relate to late 4th century theological arguments, with an Apollinarian or Arian tinge.Finally there is a Syriac epitome of 3 of the letters, and I have seen a reference in Aphram Barsoum to Syriac texts of other letters.throughout the thirteen letters the same doctrines are maintained, the same heresies assailed, and the same theological terms employed.The first is the question of the authenticity of the traditional version of the seven epistles of Ignatius of Antioch.