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When pretty girls in floaty Laura Ashley dresses began appearing with tattoo “sleeves” covering both arms from shoulder to wrist, I gave up.

In the United States, the figure is about 23 percent.

(See this Harris Interactive survey for a fascinating breakdown of who gets tattoos in the United States).

It was common sailors who blazed the trail the gentry later followed. As with so many genuinely edgy trends, tats were for debs and plebs but no-one in between.

A few decades into the 20th century, though, and they weren’t for debs either.

Tattoos have become a bit like the London housing market: every apparent peak turns out to be a false summit. In fact, there’s a rather nice article you can find online from The Harmsworth Monthly Pictorial Magazine, entitled “Queer Stories of a Queer Craze”.

It’s only a matter of time before Catford is the next Notting Hill and it’s only a matter of time before 24-year-olds who went to Exeter Univerity are getting spider webs inked on their foreheads. It describes tattooing as “now the popular pastime of the leisured world”.Guéguen conducted a survey of tattooed and pierced women in France, and found that they did tend to have their first sexual intercourse at relatively younger ages.But what this research couldn't determine was whether women with tattoos and piercings were more from men.The few studies that have focused on men's perceptions of tattooed women have found that these women are seen in a generally light.One study, for example, asked men to rate a 24-year old woman seen in a photograph on a range of personal characteristics.Some men were shown the photo with a black dragon tattoo on the woman's upper left arm; others were shown the photo without the tattoo.