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I smiled, cupped my breasts, then gave a thumbs up to the invisible operator. Everything was painted flat black with red or silver accents and accessories.

The floor and furniture were covered in matte black padding.

Later, we coiled together, softly kissing, fondling, and giggling in the rapture that remains after great sex.We were both contented and happy, tingling all over and smelling like pussy. We'll have an actual party, not a theater production.As we stepped onto the padded stage, the music continued but the video changed to show Mac and me.One screen had a tight view of my cleavage, looking extra ample when viewed from overhead.I could barely handle it, flopping from side to side on the bed, trembling, and shouting "Oh, fuck! When I recovered, I buried my face in her aromatic crotch, forcing her legs wide, buzzing her clit with the tip of my tongue until she was the one screaming.

After resting in each other's arms for a little while, we did it all again with strap-ons, dildos, and vibrators augmenting eager fingers and probing tongues.Microphones dangling from the ceiling made sure they could hear everything too.Hidden technicians remotely operated the cameras to continuously provide the best views.The set designer ingeniously had used theater-in-the-round to create a private space in the midst of the audience.Every seat had a good view of the entire center area where the show would be.Overhead video cameras provided additional angles, displayed on large screens hanging above.