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It was difficult to figure out the right way that you’re supposed to do things,” Adonis offers.“Even simple things, like what time you’re supposed to get up and go to bed, is a compromise.And even when someone tells you, it’s hard to believe the response, so you feel compelled to keep asking.” Do get support.

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If one person isn’t happy, it impacts the whole relationship.

Finding the middle ground is a work in progress.” The duo, which remains together, shares that one invaluable skill has helped. asked the couple to give some real tips on how to get over the “humping around” hump, from the perspectives of both the person who was unfaithful and the one who was cheated on.

Even sans the drama, marriage wouldn’t have been easy.

“We come from two different perspectives and backgrounds and we’re trying to make a life together.

All sins are equal how dare you call yourself a man of god but you turn this woman coming to the church seeking the word and they turn her and this baby away. Her point was to do this in FRONT of the congregation.

As to say to my babies and other young adults it's okay to have sex without being married and get pregnant. " she wrote."This young lady to take this to the news need prayer!You feel insecure and you don’t understand why this person cheated on you, so you’re thinking, ‘Did I do something wrong?’ You have a lot of self-blame, so you want to keep bringing it up to determine where things went wrong.Ryan Seacrest clearly has a type -- hot and blonde -- but his new girl is different in one big way ... The "American Idol" host was spotted out this weekend in NYC with a new blonde -- Renée Hall. Seacrest took Hall to NYC over the weekend, where they went to the Museum of Modern Art. We're told they met through the Marciano brothers (GUESS founders) and quickly hit it off.The church should be the last place you should go to be judged and denied," she explained. "I feel like we're judging, but we're not judging with righteous judgment…I'm not speaking against the pastor, but sometimes we make poor decisions," he added. They have no problem accepting her monetary contributions to the organization I am sure.