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Doctors must select at least one reason from a list of 10 potential answers, including that the "abortion is elective" or the "woman declined to answer." Originally, SB 1394 listed "economic reasons" and "extramarital affairs" as other potential reasons for a doctor to report, but those were removed by an earlier amendment Farnsworth brought. Regina Cobb, R-Kingman, said while she had concerns about the original bill, the amended language will allow the state Health Department to get data about complications like birth defects.

“As the bill stands, I do not feel that this is an anti-abortion bill," Cobb said.

"It gives us data that we have not been able to gather before." The bill would also require doctors and clinics to report more specific information about any medical complications from an abortion, which they already must report to the state.

Medical groups and abortion providers, however, say the requirements are unnecessary and intended to burden clinics.He said doctors who perform abortions might not be trained to deal with a patient's emotional needs."It really adds another layer of trauma to a situation that’s already fraught with a lot of stigma and nerves," he said.Jason Vail Cruz, the coalition's sexual violence policy coordinator, said the group worries forcing victims to disclose an assault when they haven't chosen to do so could be retraumatizing.Vail Cruz said if the state is really concerned about trafficking victims, it could fund rape crisis centers.Democrats and other critics of SB 1394 said the real purpose of the measure — which an anti-abortion advocacy group helped write — is to scare and shame women who seek the procedure. "This bill would intimidate patients, intimidate women who are seeking abortion services." The bill also is opposed by a host of medical organizations, including the Arizona chapters of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and American Academy of Pediatrics.