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This collection of periodicals is focused on titles that reflect this spiritual seeking as it was expressed in alternative forms of worship and belief.

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Researchers will find literature broad in scope and rich in depth in this sweeping collection.

The American Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry Periodicals, 1786-1877 collection contains publications focused on professional medical thought, including dental practice, during the nineteenth century.

Together these periodicals paint a dynamic picture of a scarring conflict that deeply affected all aspects of American society.

The American Literary Periodicals, 1782-1834 collection encapsulates the higher forms of literature and literary criticism.

This collection features periodicals that were primarily used as advertising vehicles.

The titles here show the various kinds of goods and services that were available to consumers and how retailers marketed them.The work of many notable writers can be found here, including early pieces by Washington Irving and Charles Brockden Brown, among others.These periodicals and the authors who contributed to them catalyzed the beginning of distinctly American literary movements that marked a sharp break from European literary traditions.Notables range from James Fenimore Cooper to Edgar Allen Poe.Their work appeared in several periodicals devoted to literature and the arts, such as the New York Mirror, and more general publications like Putnam's Monthly and Ralph Waldo Emerson's Massachusetts Quarterly Review.The history of the Baptist church and the history of America are intimately related, as this collection demonstrates.