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On for times & fares for all Australian trains Sydney to Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra: Adelaide-Alice Springs-Darwin, Melbourne-Adelaide: Brisbane-Townsville-Cairns: Ferry Melbourne-Tasmania: UK & most European citizens need a free e Visitor visa to visit Australia, see gov.au/visitors/tourist/evisitor.

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Don't miss out on a visit to the 'red centre' of Australia around Alice Springs, and there's no better way to reach Alice Springs or Darwin than by the equally famous Ghan from Adelaide.

In the East, comfortable XPT trains link Sydney with Melbourne & Brisbane at affordable prices, and Queensland Railways links Brisbane with Townsville & Cairns.

Return fares are twice the one-way fare, but check railpass prices as these can be cheaper.

The Platinum sleeper price is per person for two people sharing, in Platinum a solo passenger pays double the price.

And the best way to appreciate its vastness is to cross it at ground level by train, in comfort.

The famous Indian Pacific links Sydney, Adelaide & Perth in 3 days, crossing the great Nullarbor Plain in the process.Gold & Platinum fares include all meals and (from April 2013), soft drinks, beer & wine. Note that the Pensioner fares shown on the GSR website are for Australian senior citizens only. The 'IP' leaves Sydney Central Station in downtown Sydney in late afternoon and threads its way through Sydney's suburban commuterland.Red Service reclining seats were discontinued in July 2016. As night falls it climbs up through the scenic Blue Mountains passing through Katoomba, and next morning you'll wake up in arid outback country around Broken Hill.This leaves expensive Gold or Platinum sleepers as the only option, no budget option at all, a great shame and highly discriminatory against ordinary travellers on a budget.Gold Service passengers travel in private sleepers, either 2-berth 'twinettes' for passengers travelling in twos or single-berth 'roomettes' for passengers travelling alone, see the photos below. Both roomettes and twinettes come with comfortable freshly made-up beds, towels and a complimentary toiletries pack with soap, shampoo, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc..At the other extreme, if you're on a very tight budget, Red Service seats allow you to experience one of the world's great train journeys for not much more than you'd pay for a flight plus a hotel room or two.