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So, with the mere promise of 72 Virgins off they run to strap on the bomb belts. You know, one of the authors of this book is Japanese. If not, how does his theory account for the suicide missions of Japanese pilots?

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When it is used to ‘explain’ human behaviours the whole thing has a rather pungent smell about it.

And to be frank, the smell that fills my nose is of death.

Not everything that is said in this book is nonsense, although it would be easier to criticise if it was.

For example, like any other male I think about sex rather frequently (perhaps even too frequently) – but to say that ‘getting laid’ is virtually the sole motivator for every action I do is not just more Freudian than Freud – but also too silly to waste time on seriously rebutting.

It is with good reason that I ought to agree with the conclusions of this book – I have two daughters and no sons.

I have never really thought of myself as beautiful and so it would have been nice to have objective proof of my beauty.

Monogamy favours men and Polygyny favours women (as they get access to the best men and have their children looked after).

But it does leave lots of men living a rather lonely existence.

The authors sound great for a while, but then they'l You know how when you read a really good nonfiction book, you come away with a sense of exhilaration, a feeling that the world is a little clearer, a little richer than it was before?

The authors sound great for a while, but then they'll make an assertion that makes you go, "Wait..." and you'll discover, upon investigation, that they're stating things as fact without citing any support, and ignoring any evidence that conflicts with their conclusions.

Now imagine starting to read a book on evolutionary psychology, getting a bit of that feeling, then reaching the middle of the book and realizing that the authors have been cheating you the entire time.