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It could be because someone’s attitude towards their animals is seen by many as a good indicator of whether or not they are relationship material.In fact, 72% think that the way someone treats their pets can predict how caring they will be in a relationship.What’s more, of self-described dog lovers say they’re more attracted to someone who owns a pooch.

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While the survey showed that 57% of Brits think that owning any pet at all makes someone more attractive, dogs were crowned the best of the best.In fact, 63% of those attracted to pet owners admit that they’re most likely to go dotty for someone who has a dog.If you’ve got a cat, you might still be in luck – 18% of singles who like pet owners (and 56% of self-described cat lovers) think that owning a moggy boosts someone’s attraction factor.The survey also found that a great place to make the most of this attraction boost is online: 63% of singles say it’s extra attractive when a person’s dating profile photo includes a pet.H TO MAKE FOR A TOP SHELF INVESTMENT GRADE COLLECTOR GUN......

AS NEW INSIDE AND OUT AND FEATURES A SELDOM AVAILABLE OR INCLUDED SIDE FOLDING MICRO UZI MACHINE GUN STOCK .....Elite Singles’ psychologist Salama Marine says that singles might think this way because it’s "extremely hard for a selfish person to raise a pet properly.’’ Raising animals - particularly active animals like dogs - requires a lot of commitment and dedication, so singles with pets are often perceived to be kind, friendly…The Group is Singapore's dominant provider of domestic and international postal services, with a history, through its predecessors, dating back to 1819.Furthermore, 71% like the idea of writing about one's pets in a dating profile: nearly a fifth of singles (19%) say that it’s ‘’very important’’ that an online match mention a love for animals in their profile, while 52% describe it as a ‘’nice bonus.’’ Just 12% take a negative view of people that mention their pets online, while 17% think that it doesn't matter one way or the other.However, although Brits are besotted with pet owners, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they want them to bring their furry friends along to their dates.In the late 1980s, the Singapore Government announced plans to privatise the telecommunications services provided by the TAS.