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But instead, you spend most of the night with your nose glued to your screen.

We have phone calls, texts, tweets, status updates, tags, check-ins and selfies.

Take a look at our inside scoop of what men and women really want, and let us know what you think.

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But that's only because more people can now afford to be superficial than ever before.Trying to prove to yourself that you’re better than everyone else by whatever means necessary may not be a part of human nature, but it certainly is a part of human culture. Most of the world does what they do, wears what they wear and pursues what and whom they pursue because they believe it will increase their value in the eyes of their neighbors.Go “out for drinks,” and then go home and get frisky -- because that's the point of going out for drinks.If anyone tells you that going “out for drinks” has any purpose other than to ease into coitus, he or she is lying to you.But the fact that everything needs to be tweeted, updated, shared and put under the scrutiny of the rest of the world means that private moments are no longer private.

These days, your business is everyone else’s business.I'm living in Columbus, Ohio now, and although it's far from my small hometown, it's not exactly comparable to the 8 million-plus people in New York.In addition to less people in general, it also seems to me that it's not quite as common for people to online date as it is in NYC (that's not an official statistic, just an observation. Last night I had a few drinks with a friend of mine who is trying to get out on the dating scene like me.People don’t so much care about finding the right person, about finding someone who they can happily spend their lives with, but rather about finding someone who would fool the rest of the world into thinking they are living happy, wealthy and exciting lives. You are the reason that dating is way too f*cking awkward these days.Most people don’t care what the reality is as long as they can fool everyone else into believing they’re better people than they actually are. It’s you who refuses to log out of all those social media accounts and put down the phone.I mean, meeting someone you barely know in a romantic setting is always a little awkward, but I feel like the older I get and the more time passes, the more awkward dating gets. So I took some time to figure out why I feel dating is only getting more difficult as time goes on.