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She wasn’t very hot so I didn’t even ask her to undress.

BJ was quite good, 8/10, and I paid my 800 baht and went on my way.

As someone who actually prefers a blowjob to sex these bars are obviously perfect for me.

I chose the best looking one who was probably a 5.5.

Upper 20s, not fat, and really the only one I would pay to give me a BJ working that day. You go upstairs and she washes your junk off, each room has its own sink and they do a bit of a handjob with the soap while they wash. If you want to take your time choosing a girl there’s a pool table and bar downstairs.

I had read on Skins’ blog that Kasalong had the best looking and youngest staff.

When I say youngest I don’t mean underage, I just mean it actually had some girls under 30.

We go upstairs and I slide my hand up her skirt and she has a fantastic ass, maybe the best I had felt in Thailand.

And watching her cute face expertly suck me off was quite pleasurable as well. I thought I had found my favorite blowjob bar in Bangkok after this 2nd great experience there. Lolita’s is also 800 baht and you find it by going down Soi 6 and taking your 2nd right.You just walk up, pick a girl, head upstairs and get started.I knew going in that I would like them, but at first I wasn’t really too impressed because most of the ladies working there were older and not that hot.One of the problems with these places is that you can hear what is going on with other guys next door because the walls don’t go up to the ceilings.There was more privacy here then at some other places, but overall not great on privacy.Then towards the end I finally started to find the right ones to visit.