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Any one who has ever played at snapdragon, can imagine the unearthly appearance of objects when seen by this species of firework.In the present instance it was held aloft on a boat-hook, and cast a strong spectral light on the band of law- less ruffians, who were so crowded together that they entirely filled the boats, no part of which could be seen. Francis Lolonois, the Shive Who Became a Pirate King 209 From T/if Biirranrrrs of /Imrrira. The Fight hetween the Dorr'ill and the Moca i-t^i From The Indian Aniifjuary, Vol. Jaddi the Malay Pirate 240 From The Indian /Inliquary, \'ol. The Terrible Ladrones 247 From The Ladrone Pirates. The Female Captive 276 From an Old Pamphlet, piililished in 1825. The Passing of Mogul Mackenzie, the Last of the North Atlantic Pirates 298 From Blackixood's Magazine. The Last of the Sea-Rovers: The Riff Coast Pirates 312 From the Nautical Magazine. Jiggery, jiggery, jiggery." "Well sung, Massa Bungo ! " "You have hit it, sir, werry close; besides, I long mosh to return to my poor wife, Nancy Cator, dat I leave, wagabone dat I is, just about to be confine." I could not resist putting in my oar.

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Secondly, will you promise dat you will not seek, to know more of de vessel you may go in, nor of her crew, than dey are willing to tell you, provided you are landed safe? " "No, sir, I don't; but in de first place — as you are THE PICCAROON 5 a gentleman, will you try and get me off when we get to Jamaica?Not- withstanding, he made his bow by no means ungrace- fully, and offered his services in choice Spanish, but spoke English as soon as he heard who we were. "Yes, we are," said I, in very great astonish- ment, "but we will not sail with the devil; and who ever saw a negro Scotchman before, the spirit of Nicol Jarvie conjured into a blackamoor's skin! "I am black, as you see; so were my father and mother before me." And he looked at me, as much as to say, I have read the book you quote from."But I was born in the good town of Port-Glasgow notwithstanding, and many a voyage I have made as cabin-boy and cook in the good ship the Peggy Bogle, with worthy old Jock Hunter; but that matters not.There was a large saber- cut across his nose and down his cheek, and he wore two immense gold earrings.

His dress consisted 8 GREAT PIRATE STORIES of short cotton drawers, that did not reach within two inches of his knee, leaving his thin cucumber shanks (on which the small bullet-like calf appeared to have been stuck before, through mistake, in place of abaft) naked to the shoe; a check shirt, and an enormously large Panama hat, made of a sort of cane, split small, and worn shovel-fashion. "No, sir, I am the mate, and I learn you are de- sirous of a passage to Jamaica." This was spoken with a broad Scotch accent.

The sails, that were loose to dry, were old, and patched, and evidently displayed to cloak the character of the vessel by an ostentatious show of their unserviceable condition; but her rig- ging was beautifully fitted, every rope lying in the chafe of another being carefully served with hide.

Her upper spars were on the same scale, tapering away through topmast, topgallant-mast, royal and skysail-masts, until they fined away into slender wands.

Never shall poor black pilot forget how you saved him from being seized up, when de gratings, boatswain's mates, and all, were ready at de gangway — never shall poor black rascal forget dat." "Indeed, I do not think you would wittingly be- tray us into trouble, Peter; and as I guess you mean one of the forced traders, we will venture in her, rather than kick about here any longer, and pay a moderate sum for our passage." "Den wait here five minute" — and so saying, he slipped down through the embrasure into a canoe that lay beneath, and in a trice we saw him jump on board of a long low nondescript kind of craft that lay moored within pistol-shot of the walls.

" "Why, Peter, I scarcely think you would deceive us, for you know I saved your bacon in that awk- ward affair, when through drunkenness you plumped the Torch ashore, so " "Forget dat, sir — forget dat!

The Wonderful Fight of the Exchange of Bristol with the Pirates of Algiers ... Ri: Ar pirate stories very sharp hows and hcautiful run; and we could sec, from the hastion where wc stood, that her decks were flush and level.