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If "Verizon Messages" or "Message " is listed in the search results, your device is supported.

Your account will be deleted, and you can continue to use the Verizon Messages (Message ) app without the Integrated Messaging service.

However, if you want to access your messages from a device other than your primary phone, like your tablet or computer, then you'll need to subscribe to Integrated Messaging.

If you deselect the checkbox or select a different translator, wireless calendar synchronization will be disabled.

If you change an existing appointment or add a new appointment in your desktop calendar, and you have wireless calendar synchronization enabled, you will not receive notification of the update on your handheld.

You should upgrade the Black Berry handheld software to the latest version supported.

BES 5.0 will automatically copy the new saved contact from your Black Berry to your Outlook Contacts and vice versa.

UITS recommends you replace your Black Berry with a device that is compatible with Active Sync.

is selected in the "Handheld Configuration" window, wireless calendar synchronization is enabled.

To learn more about the capabilities offered by Black Berry Bridge, such as the ability to control a Black Berry Play Book tablet remotely, check out the full description which can be found on the Black Berry App World™ storefront as well as checking out the Black Berry Bridge section in the Black Berry Play Book tablet user guide.

Provided you’ve updated your Black Berry Play Book tablet to Black Berry Play Book OS 2.1, the next step is upgrading to Black Berry Bridge 2.1 on your smartphone so you have the ability to access text messages (SMS) on your tablet.

To review and customize what information Black Berry Bridge displays on your tablet – such as the ability to show your text messages – complete the following steps.