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Overall, students at Brigham Young University are urged often by church leaders and school leaders to wed.

Honor Code Influence On many college campuses, sexual encounters are common.

While at other universities, a “hook up” is typically defined by sexual activity, around 2% of the student population at BYU reported passionate kissing done outside of dating.

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Even more, 15% of the student population reported going on six or more dates each month.

In the same study, 57% of students at BYU reportedly felt they dated “not often enough”.

Other derogatory nicknames include “B-Y-Woo”, “Bring’em Young University”, and “Breed’em Young University”, all references to BYU’s unique dating, marriage, and family culture.

University Encouragement As a university, BYU is extremely supportive of marriage.

Most likely, Latter-day Saints marry young because of the importance the LDS church places on marriage and family.

The belief that “the family is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children” furthers the LDS belief in the importance of marriage.

For example, The Daily Universe—the student run newspaper at BYU—publishes a biannual Bridal Guide each summer.

Furthermore, in Heritage Halls—one of BYU’s on-campus housing facilities—relief sculptures of wedding rings with the inscription “June” can be found.

Each of the professors are unique and their lectures are very entertaining and interesting.

I feel completely safe while on campus and Provo is a fun city with a lot going on and activities to do.

The school is definitely difficult but very rewarding.