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He had given up his 5-a-day smoking habit and tried as hard as he could to observe her total veto on masturbation and internet porn. There was a flushing sound and Laura emerged from the downstairs toilet. He had always done well in his 5 years at Lewis Mitchell & Co but hed spent many a lunch hour jerking off in the restroom.She was in running shorts as well, with slits up the side. His waist was narrow and his torso flared out in a sexy v to a broad chest. But the fluid oozing out of her was clear and rancid, not thick and white like fresh semen, so he guessed it was at least from earlier that morning, or maybe even the night before. The firm was full of sexy twenty and thirty something executives and secretaries.He had never felt remotely as sexually charged in his life before, but with no release for his pent up frenzy.s cunt as she hovered above his head, facing his feet.

Her body was magnificently fit, without a millimetre of fat, although she herself would have liked more generous curves.

She had a flat A-cup chest and was going to get herself a boob-job if she ever got the money.

If he were some Russian oligarch or New York hedge funder, Sam would spend his money and keep him happy, wouldn Over the next two weeks, Chris was sucked into a vortex of subspace.

His full balls screamed with frustration but he felt more and more hooked on his love for Laura and his lust for Sam.

She teased, barely touching his throbbing vein.s manual skills were improving all the time.

Every afternoon, Laura gave Sam massages, manicures, pedicures, and all kinds of sexual pleasure.Sam encouraged her clients to use sex as physical exercise, as a motivation. Laura had shyly admitted to Sam shed almost never had an orgasm from sex with Chris. Each of them silently thought it was their destiny to live with their own private, unshared fantasies.It soon became obvious that Chris and Lauras erection, jutting up towards his stomach muscles. 6, but her athletic, upright bearing made her appear taller.She was a legitimate, qualified personal trainer, based at a nearby gym, but she did home visits too.Chris and Laura were married, both 27 and keen to get fit, to lose a few pounds and to look great.She had citron-yellow hair cut in a short bob, framing her cute puckish face.