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It’s where we discover what we want more of in our life, try new things that we’ve once forgotten (or never gave ourselves permission to do), and uncover what it feels like to be full of childlike wonder.

Camp is what happens when we disconnect from the distractions of everyday life and slow down.

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by Lenore Skenazy What’s the most common age of sex-offenders?

Then I go on to describe an incident you read about here in 2011: Two 14-year-olds pulled down their pants and, disgustingly, sat on two 12-year-olds’ faces. An appellate court upheld the sentence in 2011, so both young men will be on the sex-offender registry until they die.

As 40-year-olds, heck, as 80-year-olds, they’ll be treated as perennial perverts for something they did in junior high.Under the ICH's electronic Common Technical Document (e CTD) guidance, CDISC Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM) is the preferred standard for content format and structure of clinical data for all clinical studies.Based on proposed federal regulations, to comply with data standards guidance Pharmaceutical industry is rapidly adapting to CDISC standards.Many members of our biostatistics and programming team have many years of pharma company experience in various domains ensuring a client-oriented approach to their activities.This includes a great understanding for flexibility and the need for a timely and quality product.A specially developed global statistical programming environment supports our efficient processes and, more importantly, our experienced teams.