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In other words, DND exists to carry out the work assigned to the Minister of National Defence, so the department's relationship with the CAF is that of a support system.

By setting guidelines, explaining the dangers and supervising younger children online, caregivers can dramatically reduce the chances their child will meet an online acquaintance in real life.

Here are 10 cyber-safety tips you can use to prepare your kids for the online world: Social networking sites are very popular with young people. Ensure that your child or youth’s site has the privacy controls set so that only those known to them can access their information.

The Internet is a great social networking tool for young people, but abusers know it and use its anonymity to access kids.

Predators can adopt a false identity, initiate trusting friendships with children or youth and attempt to meet them in person.

Look at the sleeves of the uniform tunic (the jacket of the dress uniform) and the shoulders of other uniform clothing (shirt, sweater, windbreaker or overcoat).

Officers up to the rank of Colonel or Captain (Navy) have narrow gold rings around the cuffs of the uniform tunic and gold bars on the shoulders of other uniform clothing.For detailed information on military occupations, please visit the Canadian Armed Forces jobs or contact the Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre at 1-800-856-8488.If you want the CAF to put you through school, you must be qualified and prepared to serve in the CAF both while you study and after graduation.In most respects, DND is an organization like other departments of the Government of Canada.It is established by a statute, the National Defence Act, which sets out the Minister of National Defence’s responsibilities, including the Minister’s responsibility for both the Department and the CAF.“Luring” is a term describing a number of dangerous activities an adult may engage in with a child online.