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T’Challa and his people must team up with Agent Ross to save the day.

The CIA’s long history of involvement in the affairs of African nations presents a contrasting backdrop, however.

With a dazzling, predominantly black cast; a compelling futuristic vision of a mythical African country untouched by colonial predation; a kickass regiment of bald female warriors; gorgeous men shrink-wrapped into panther suits; and a brilliant female scientist carrying the torch for the character Q of the James Bond series, there’s a lot to enjoy in Marvel's high-adrenaline adventure.

Christopher Priest, one of the comic's most influential writers, has stated that Ross, based on the Chandler Bing character from the TV program “Friends,” was enlisted to help bring in white audiences — the primary readers of Marvel comics.Not until the character made the leap to film in “Captain America, Civil War” (2016), was Ross reinvented as a skillful CIA operative.CIA agents in the movies soon became heroes working for a highly moral organization desperately needed in the world.The 1990s saw the birth of the Tom Clancy film franchise, with Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck portraying intrepid CIA agent Jack Ryan.Indeed since 9/11, as author Nicholas Schou laid out in his article, “How the CIA Hoodwinked Hollywood,” the agency has been working overtime with moviemakers to bolster its image.

Langley regularly grants special access and favors to movie people at its headquarters — access often denied to journalists.The agency, as Tricia Jenkins explains in her 2016 book “The CIA in Hollywood,” has a long history of partnering with Tinsel Town, dating back to the 1950s.During the Cold War, movies helped win over foreign audiences, shape U. foreign policy and promote a rosy view of American life.We've been asked not to use the CIA person's name, but he worked for the agency for decades.He says back in 1969, Kennedy was romantically involved with the wife of a very powerful politician, and if word got out about the affair Kennedy was afraid it would ruin his career.A second person, who was close to Ted and the Kennedy family in '69, confirmed the operative's story.