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The service includes a survey about your preferences, favorite color, how much you’re willing to spend on a date and other questions relating to their interests.

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The service costs to find a match and be set up on a date.

Bomber emphasized that “this program is wonderful as we are real people choosing your date, where you should go, etc.

Dating seems to be on everyone’s mind as the end of the school year comes closer: senior scramble, ring by spring, etc.

The creators of Mysterious Matchmakers, Calvin’s new online dating service, thought the same thing.

However, a survey conducted by the company last year found that 80 per cent of the ‘relationships’ forged on the site involved sex.

According to the The site’s spokesperson, Angela Jacob, said: "We've seen an increased interest from Ireland since the economy has been in recession. It could mean the difference between them finishing college or being forced to drop out." In fairness, it’s desperate days when you have to look for and have sex with a manky old man to pay your way through college, but sadly, it happens. “We’ve adjusted the questions we ask people so when we match people they are more successful.Not just looking at their responses if aesthetically they would fit well, but also that they have interests in common so their date can be fun and not filled with awkward silences because they don’t have enough in common,” said Tanner.We verify e-mail addresses to make sure they’re not some creeper,” said Hopper. They also have a Facebook page: Mysterious Matchmakers.“We want to make it really safe.” “Currently we are working to expand the number of people in our dating pool so we can make better matches because we would be drawing from a greater variety of students,” said Tanner. Twenty full-time faculty members and financial experts work at the campus.