Confluence recently updated macro not updating

You'll still get important notifications such as mentions and new pages created in a given space.

New filters make it easier to find pages, especially when you've recently viewed, edited, or saved them for later use.When you begin typing the page title, you will find the page immediately.The new audit log allows admins to recount changes to global settings, users, groups, and more.This is helpful when fixing problems or documenting important events. New Dashboard Confluence 5.9 now comes with a brand new dashboard.Just like before, frequently visited pages can be viewed in real time.

Recently posted, edited, and visited pages can be pulled up quickly and easily.Atlassian has reduced the amount of mail that Confluence sends automatically.If multiple changes are made to a page or blog post, the system will only send a message with a summary of the updates that happened in the batch window (10 minutes).Deciding who can do what in a space, although sometimes necessary, can be inconvenient.To make life easier for admins, there is now an option for users to delete their own content (such pages, blogs and attachments).Does anybody know if there is a configuration to do ?