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The BBC revealed its “talent list” which showcases its high-earners bringing in more than £150,000 on July 19.Salaries of the corporation's top earners were released so license fee payers can know where their money is going.Speaking about the incident in 2015, she said: “I bought her costume from a supermarket, she wanted to go as a witch so she had a witch’s hat and a cape and some stripy tights and a sort of long flowy skirt thing. she went up, is the only way I know how to describe it… “It was like those horrific birthday candles that you blow out and then they come back…it was really fast, it was fast, it wasn’t fire like I’d seen.” The incident prompted the government to tighten the flame retardant standards of Halloween costumes.

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WHETHER it is Strictly, festivals or cooking shows, there are not many BBC shows Claudia Winkleman does not get involved with.The 46-year-old was front page news last year when it was revealed she was the BBC's highest-earning female star.Here's the lowdown on the star famous for her fringe...Claudia's parents split when she was three and both remarried in 1979.Matilda's suffered severe burns when her Halloween costume went up in flames in 2014.

Claudia said the costume went on fire after her daughter brushed against a candle. “It feels like she was on fire for hours, but the surgeon said that it definitely wasn’t the case and it was probably just seconds…Ten contestants will take part in the series and will have to turn out perfect versions of traditional recipes, as well as putting their own twist on them.Claudia married film producer Kris Thykier in 2000 in a secret wedding ceremony with just their closest family and friends in attendance.The introduction of cattle cars and refrigerated cars on the railroad facilitated distribution of the beef."Beef" is meat from full-grown cattle about 2 years old.Viewers can expect to see “the real-life expertise of truly great home cooks” being tested through brutal challenges.