Country boy online dating who is chad rogers dating

Date A Cowboy is tailored for those who live and breath country life, always!

Somehow, you've wound up with shirts for all of the seasons, for all times of the day.

Before he knew it, you became a walking mannequin of his old, worn out shirts.

You never have to worry about anyone messing with you because it's like he has a sixth sense that can tell when you are in trouble.

In the blink of an eye, your guy has completely crossed the room and is ready to knock out whoever it is that has an issue with you.

Dating a country boy is a lot different than dating a boy from your hometown.

It'll be a lot of fun and will definitely have a lot of perks.

If you’re looking for country dating at its finest, you’re at the right place!

Every couple has its great things that make that specific relationship so wonderful.

He's had the same group of friends since elementary school and he's a family man.

Loyalty is nothing new to him, so being honest to you shouldn't be either.

You don’t just want a cowboy or a cowgirl: you want the one for YOU.