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Last year I was moderately popular, one of the smartest kids in my grade, good at music, art and even mildly athletic. If you’re like me you love to keep yourself busy, but at the same time running yourself ragged can be very stressful.

But now I feel like all of the kids in my classes are better than me at everything. Instead of comparing yourself to your classmates, focus on doing the best you can and celebrate your achievements. Sometimes I even miss the chance to hang out with my friends so I can watch him.

I live in a two story house and I get food to eat everyday, I have clothes on my back and I'm pretty smart yet I'm jealous of my Best Friend (let's call her B).

Use those skills to figure out how you can maintain your friendships.

While you might not be able to see your old friends every day, you can create a schedule that will allow you to get together with them pretty often. I understand your fear since, in recent years, there have been many attacks in school buildings.

If you want to continue to be her friend—and you haven’t provided any real reason for dropping her—think about why she wants to keep you in her life.

B must see positive qualities in you that you do not recognize.

Finally, keep in mind that while it’s important to keep your old friendships, be open to making friends with kids who are in your new program. Your parents are right to reassure you that “everything is fine.” But sometimes, taking action is a way to reduce anxiety.

You will probably find yourself getting close to them as time goes on. It had to with school safety, but now people in my school are saying that now our school is going to get attacked. Then I found out some people had not come to school that day because of it. You might get together with other students, and perhaps a group of parents and teachers, to discuss additional safety measures that can be taken at your school, and become part of the solution.

All the boys like her and she never has to try for anything. And I'm probably a bad friend for saying this but sometimes I hate her because of all of her good luck.

I want to be her friend but all her good fortune makes me sick.

And in addition to the already horrific amount of homework they give you I've started doing debate, working at my local museum, and gotten more serious about chorus. Think about which activities you love and would like to keep for now and which ones you should maybe hold off on for now. I try to talk to mom and tell her how I feel about staying home alone so much, but she just says how all the kids my age (11) are home alone.

Or think about limiting your involvement in a couple of activities. My parents would leave at in the morning, and come home around or the latest. But I doubt all the kids my age are alone every day.

I get the sense that you have been very brave in front of your mom and brother, which makes it seem like you can handle everything that has been thrown at you.