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If you are looking for a Ukrainian love partner, trust is twice as important.

For you, the single man, for the bachelorette, for us as a mediator, for our agent selecting the ladies and supports you during your trip, in short, for anyone who is involved. You will see how nice it is to cooperate with Dating Women Ukraine.

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You can comment on news blog posts, share experiences and lay down your questions for other visitors and our dating agency to answer. On the left side of every webpage, when you are not logged in, you can subscribe yourself. Relevant news about dating in Ukraine, reports from our national or international media, new features on the website, new registrations of single women and links to interesting blog posts, to name just a few. We know what it's like to give someone your trust and have it betrayed.

Dating Women Ukraine makes every effort to save you such an experience.

They are serious about marriage and family and they are looking for a future husband who will lead the relationship and family.

We offer an advanced social networking site so that you can make contact and communicate directly. But only a social networking site is not enough if you want to become successful.

This will also help you fend off any less than honest parties.

Unfortunately many unreliable parties offer their services in international dating.

Unfortunately, to get through to the good dating agency, fair website, and honest lady is not always easy; often dating abroad starts with meeting a lot of fraud agencies, websites, and ladies who are standing in the front row to take money from men.

Helping men to avoid that they come into contact with fraud in the market of international dating, is the main reason why I started up my business and my website,, in The Netherlands.

To join hands with a partner who will guide you from your first registration until long after your first meeting with your Ukrainian lover.

You benefit from our knowledge and experience with the country and with international dating.

Therefore we offer next to a social networking site also our services.