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The raison d’etre of biblical archaeology derives from the fact that it allows an understanding of the peoples that inhabited the Holy Land.

It allows an understanding of their history, culture, identity and movements.

In the same way that the spatial criteria vary according to the various points of view of the different researchers, there are also a variety of dates that are of interest.

Kaswalder comments that: The study of biblical archaeology started at the same time as general archaeology and obviously its development relates to the discovery of highly important ancient artifacts.

The scientific techniques used are the same as those used in general archaeology, such as excavation and radiocarbon dating.

In order to understand the significance of biblical archaeology it is first necessary to understand two basic concepts: archaeology as a scientific framework and the Bible as an object for research.

The development of biblical archaeology has been marked by different periods: Biblical archaeology is the subject of ongoing debate.

One of the sources of greatest dispute is the period when kings ruled Israel and more generally the historicity of the Bible.

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