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However, she did get the highest score of the weekend so I would expect her to be in the show for some time so we should still have plenty of opportunities to see her looking much sexier. Though I still really worry about Aliona and her bad body language and frosty personality that she could be an early evictee. Judy Murray and Jennifer Gibney are borderline inclusions for images on a weekly basis. The final female celeb is Alison Hammond and for me she falls below the make-break point for inclusion. There is something going on with her upper lip too that freaks me out when I look too closely. Probably the only one's you'll see of her are from group shots where she is seen with others. My favourite here is Jake Wood, aka Max Branning from Eastenders. Possibly because of all the sweating, she didn't want to be touched by him, so they would stand miles apart when being interviewed after their dance.

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'It's comfortable to dance in and we're doing an hour and a half set, we're not going to come on to the stage in a tracksuit - it's just not practical.' Stressing that their outfits are purely stage costumes, she added: 'It's because we're performing.We're not going to walk down the street in [a leotard], are we?!The brunette beauty also divulged that for the 'first time ever' she felt confident enough in her body to hold off on Photoshopping bikini photos.'The other day I took a picture of myself in a bikini which I’ve never done before, and for the first time ever I didn’t want to retouch it,' she said.'I thought "No, f**k it – this is me, and if you don’t like it, then sod you!" ' Jesy, who was a size 10 to 12 when she rose to fame on The X Factor, has previously targeted by internet trolls over her looks and weight.However, hitting back at their critics, Little Mix stand by their scanty attire, with Jade telling Mail Online: 'I don't think we're sexing ourselves up.

We're sweating our t**s off on stage and we want to wear leotards!

They went public with their affections in mid-March with a steamy kissing picture but the brief romance soon turned sour.

Chris went onto rekindled the flames with his ex girlfriend and TOWIE co-star Amber Dowding.

'I was looking at all of my suitcases on my floor and burst out crying.

I was like "I can't do this",' she told The Observer.'Literally I nearly had a breakdown like, "I need help. I just want to be home." ' Jesy and her bandmates - Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall, and Perrie Edwards - have been able to buy new houses thanks to their pop success but have barely spent a night in their own homes and sometimes find their punishing schedule 'too much'.

The 26-year-old confessed she 'burst out crying' when the group were set to head back on tour, lamenting the fact that she never gets to spend time in her newly-bought home in the UK.