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His hand appeared to have blood on it, but the alleged injury to his head could not be seen.The 21-year-old, who posts a number of pro-Trump and 'anti-leftie' memes and other items on his Facebook page, wrote a caption with the image that read: 'Remember that this is what happens when you disagree with the "tolerant left".' Protesters denied claims of any violence.

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No Fascist USA’ for a few minutes Riot squad police manned the area, and about 9pm they hit the sea of people with 'chemical spray' as those who were leaving the event were having trash thrown at them, according to the Washington Post.

Daily was able to get inside the ball, where a host of high-profile Trump backers spoke to the crowd.

Then, a week later, they were sending each other some really cloying and annoying tweets. Jenny has said before that Chris is her and that’s what this whole thing reminds me of: the shady hookup, the cutesy togetherness, the dramatic split, the melodramatic post-breakup interview, and now they’re back together and trying to be cute about it. If this is an unaltered NSFW tweet, then yes, she’s tweeted some problematic sh-t.

I don’t think she’s a monster – I think she probably gets drunk and tweets stupid sh-t and then deletes it later.

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If you're serious about finding lasting love, then Elite Singles is the American dating site for you.I'm out here tonight because I want to be part of the resistance efforts happening this week, and the resistance that'll be happening the next four years.' Earlier, slogans had been projected onto a wall, including ones that read, 'Impeach the Predatory President,' and 'Bragging about Grabbing a Woman’s Genitals.' There was also a massive white elephant with the word 'racism' on it outside.Other protesters were seen in pictures and footage on social media setting small items on fire - including signs and Trump hats.A Metropolitan Police Department spokesman said there had been no arrests.It is expected that there will be protests across the next two days in Washington DC, as Trump is sworn in as president.Sheriff David Clarke addressed the 'deplorables' in attendance, most of whom went wild when he took to the stage.