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This is really sad to see that they are not willing to help out a.k.a let us talk to managers.Reply Same thing happened with me twice with and now I am going to post everywhere how they processed a payment on my credit card without my confirmation.I called again and asked for the manager again and same thing happened.

The manager of the help desk would not talk to me after I told the call center employee that the MATCH. Does anyone use the site before you make the changes.This new one, takes even more of the tools away that were so important.I agree with the person that commented to sue these thieves!!! The charge you what they want and partially refund what ever amount they want and no one seems to care Reply My account was closed in June with a partial payment given to me.I was told I had time left on my account so I continued to use my account.was founded in 1993 by Gary Kremen as a proof-of-concept for Electric Classifieds that aimed to provide advertising systems to newspapers. Ong designed the initial system and Simon Glinsky helped in the development of the initial business plan for the company. P area and NOT all these ladies from all over the country.

Fran Maier was recruited in 1994 and is responsible for making the site attractive to women with the idea that the men would follow. Initial users were given free lifetime memberships as way to bolster the site for use by paying customers. I couldn’t possibly fly to all the places where these out-of-towners live ! — Ollie 21528XXXX Reply This site, without a doubt is the worst piece o junk Anyone could ever ask or NO ONE AT MATCH CAN ANSWER A QUESTION—NO ONE CAN STAY WITH YOU TO FINISH THE CONVERSATION -IT IS LITERALLY NOT POSSIBLE TO WRITE ABOUT ALL THE HORROR STORIES THAT BEGIN THEN THEY ANSWER THE PHONE–JUST NOT POSSIBLE–THIS IS THE LARGEST INTERNET FIASCO I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED—-PEOPLE HIDE BEHIND THEIR INEPTITUDE !!!!!I clicked on a profile from my email and then immediately received an email congrats on your subscription renewal.And because they refunded the first time this happened back in april of this year there’s nothing they can do not even transfer me to a manager.I replied to an e-mail on 7-3-17 and my account was activated. I simply replied to an e-mail on July 3rd and my account was renewed. I did not re-enter my credit card info or ask to be auto-renewed all over again. Like I said, I did not purposely or knowingly rejoin so your system is screwed. Reply why, why in the world do you keep changing the format?I did not want or did not enter my info so why was my account re-activated? I wanted to talk to Hudson Barriso, the manager and was told he would not talk to me. Every, every time you make a change it is for the worst.Reply why, why in the world do you keep changing the format?