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DO NOT overtighten it using the big wrench on that hexagon. I also put a smear of hard-setting Permatex on the thread just as a mild threadlocker to stop the plug coming loose. Remove the primary oil level phillips head screw, shown here in pic by Iron Mick. Have an assistant hold the bike dead vertical and fill with transmission oil (more about what that is later) until it dribbles out the level screw hole. I almost hesitate to mention this because it is always the topic of endless debate.

Hold the wrench right next to the drain plug -- not way out on the end of the handle where you get too much leverage. You pour the tranny oil in to the hole where you unscrewed that big primary inspection plug. Mine takes a 1.5” o-ring with a cross-section of 3/32”, from the local hardware/auto store. So please guys let’s not turn this into yet another oil debate.

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As of 2008, she has been dating New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.This has got to be the Number 1 question on here by new Ironhead owners who are still waiting for their workshop manual to arrive.I would like to put the sight back & get rid of the scope. Can certainly remove the scope, get a set of sights from T/C and a nipple.The only thing missing is the NIPPLE, it looks like these just screw on...I but these direct from TC.....? Can usually find what you need here as well: T/C factory records were lost in a fire, IIRC, so dating one by the serial number is a bit tricky.THE ENGINE OIL The engine oil is kept in the oil tank under the seat, filler cap on the right hand side, drain plug in the bottom of the tank.

The oil pump, under the engine on the right, near the front, circulates the oil to and from the tank. Then stop and top the oil up to the full mark, no further. Put in a new drop-in oil filter if your model has one.

Old oil that has been sitting for years can do damage right from jump street, so you should change that oil before firing up for the first time.

See the sticky thread on “Dehibernating the Ironhead” for more details on first start up preparation.

The stock steel butt plate was brutal with heavy loads.

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(There is a small crossover vent valve between the primary case and crankcase on earlier models but oil flow through there is normally negligible.) The transmission oil lubricates the primary chain, clutch and the gearbox. I also put a smear of hard-setting gasket goo like Permatex on the threads, not so seal them but to stop the plug vibrating loose. Buy a bag of them at the local hardware or auto store cheap. Drop in oil filter for pre-79 XLH sidemounted oil tank: Cut down dip stick for JP oil filter. HOW TO CHANGE YOUR TRANSMISSION OIL Tranny oil is often overlooked and seems to cause more headaches then engine oil. The manual says you can leave it longer, but I don’t like the idea of wear particles from the primary chain tensioner and clutch plates circulating through the delicate needle roller bearings in the gearbox. Ride the bike to get transmission oil up to working temperature.