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Lange started work on the project in New York in 1965, and having sketched the film’s spacecrafts within a period of six months, moved with his family to England where he continued work on the film for the next two years.

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Cliquez sur ‘OK’ pour continuer à utiliser nos produits, ou vous ne serez plus en mesure d’accéder à nos sites et applications.Sélectionnez ‘Paramétrer les options’ pour gérer l’utilisation et le partage de vos données.The fact that Lange was a draftsman who could draw these inventions that could seem tangible gave them an integrity you don’t get with most science fiction.Lange’s mission, set forth by Kubrick, was to create scientifically based concepts and designs that would render to the viewer that the idea of space travel wasn’t some far-flung fantasy – it was an entirely plausible possibility.Among its hundreds of sketches, drawings and illustrations, from early concepts to the final designs, are many of the central elements that figured in , including: The Orion III Spaceplane – the craft that took commercial passengers from Earth to orbit.

Space Station 5 – this gigantic wheel-spaced craft rotated to create artificial gravity in order to acclimate passengers to space.He then went to the US Army Ballistic Missile Agency (AMBA) before heading the Future Projects Section at NASA, where he worked on spacecraft designs.While preparing to leave NASA, Lange met science fiction author Arthur C.The Discovery Interplanetary Spaceship – the ship that housed the team of astronauts (along with the infamous HAL 9000 computer) on their secret mission to Jupiter.The craft featured a gravity-simulator centrifuge, a pod bay with several pods, a control deck and the computer’s memory center.Kubrick, Clarke and Lange didn’t put it so far out into the future that we couldn’t feel it.