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Here, on a recent visit from FIPP to the city, publishers and government officials in several meetings expressed the desire to build international relationships and business partnerships, across print, digital, events and more.Only some 2 hours by plane from Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai, FIPP Asia will be a must-attend event for international delegates interested in understanding and doing business in China and the wider Asia region.Among magazines, it includes brands with circulations well above 2.5 million.

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He says:"In late September 2016 the very nice people from the China Periodicals Association invited me to speak at a conference in Wuhan. "Not only was Wuhan an impressive and exciting city, but also the scale of the event meant I met so many people and companies new to me from all corners of China and from all areas of digital and magazine media.It certainly proved to me that there was so much more to the Chinese media landscape than my many visits to Beijing or Shanghai had assumed."It seemed absolutely right for FIPP and the CPA to work together on bringing FIPP Asia to Wuhan, doing what FIPP does best, helping people make connections, sharing their knowledge and experiences." The two-day conference will feature top industry speakers from around the world and from China (conference sessions will have simultaneous translation into a number of languages, to be confirmed based on audience numbers from different parts of the world).Wuhan lies on the banks for the Yangtze and Hanshui Rivers and is the capital of Hubei Province..A trading port dating back at least 2,000 years, today Wuhan remains one of China's most important in-land transportation and communication hubs.Photo: womenofwuhan 1) Bars One place you’ll undoubtedly find expats lurking is in a local pub.

Often, Chinese question foreigners obsession with drinking and clubbing, but Westerners are social drinkers in much the same way as Chinese are social eaters.More than 150 senior international delegates from the publishing and media industries will join more than 250 delegates from China.The programme will see presentations and discussions from a host of international speakers and the cream of the Chinese digital and media industries.The place is well decorated, offers a wide assortment of entertainment (live bands and DJ’s) and even features exotic dancers on occasion.While their drinks may be a bit expensive comparatively (35 RMB per pint), for the opportunity to meet some new expats and have a good time, its money well spent.If you are interested in speaking at FIPP Asia, get in touch with FIPP's chief content officer Cobus Heyl at [email protected]