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The soulful and evocative John Mayer sat down for an interesting interview with Rolling Stone magazine, spilling the beans about nearly everything you’ve never even knew you wanted to know.

On relationships: John Mayer wants a girlfriend – like, a real life-partner one, he told Rolling Stone.

The album's title track, which served as the lead single, became her second top twenty hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

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“I got so many tension headaches from magazine covers it felt like a threat,” he explained.His breakup with Aniston, he said, was one of the worst times of his life.This is not where I see myself for the rest of my life, this is not my ideal destiny.” On his sexuality: “I don’t care about anything other than energy,” Mayer told RS.And while he’s never slept with a man, he does say that he gets why people do."That girl is like crack cocaine to me," Mayer said of Simpson. "That woman would never use heartbreak warfare," Mayer insisted.

Did you ever say, 'I want to quit my life and just f---ing snort you?“I’ve seen pictures of men on the Internet that are sexier than pictures of most women.” To read the rest of the interview, look for Rolling Stone’s latest issue, out February 4, 2010.John Mayer, the singer/songwriter whose rocky relationships with stars like Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston are well-documented in the tabloids, sparked heated debate among his fans on Wednesday by dishing on all that -- plus his controversial feelings about race -- in the new issue of Playboy. If you charged me ,000 to f--k you, I would start selling all my s--t just to keep f---ing you.'" Mayer also spoke on Aniston, denying the rumor that his current single "Heartbreak Warfare," from new album "Battle Studies," was inspired by his most recent ex.The problem is, when he meets a girl, they’re all, “But you’re John Mayer!” Which means he’s stuck with girls he’s already been with. Ladies, if you’re not overcome by his John Mayer-ness and think you’d be a good match, here’s what he’s looking for: “You need to have them be able to go toe-to-toe with you intellectually,” he told the magazine, among other things too explicit to post here.Simpson married singer Nick Lachey on October 26, 2002 after four years of dating.