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Tips: Being a cynical British girl with a dry sense of humour I do find it easier than others to pick up on the signs of someone that isn’t truthful or someone I don’t trust.

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We immediately went and signed up to Miss, an international dating site with people from all corners of the globe.

At the end of the day it’s something different, it can even open up opportunities, but everyone using these kind of sites need to be safe, have common sense, and keep an eye out for potential danger – ultimately no different from meeting someone you don’t know in a bar on a night out in your hometown.

As a non-smoker I had no idea ‘smirting’ even existed but I guess the intimacy that comes with lighting up a cigarette with someone in the pouring rain, whilst he offers you his coat, could certainly be considered a little romantic.

I guess what people need to realise is that all the above is now completely normal, and yes everyone needs to proceed with some common sense and caution when meeting someone new, but meeting someone on ‘Tinder’ or ‘Plenty Of Fish’ is ok!

When you are in a long term relationship, you get to know everything about your partner, their likes and dislikes, their creepy habits, their not so creepy habits, their concern and care.

But if you are a wise man, go back to her, ask for forgiveness and wait. Because now you know that for sometime anyone can keep you entertained but your heart will love only one person.The fact is that these days it’s not unheard of to find the man of your dreams online.So you should enjoy it, and find out if you have that connection with someone! Finally you start liking them and you think you don't love your partner anymore and you switch, say bye bye to your partner. You never loved the new person, you only loved the lost excitement they brought. It's poignant, well done, and stuffed to the brim with up-and-coming young talent, something that the entertainment industry craves.A word of advice – if they offer to pay for a trip or flights and you’re happy to accept then that’s fine.