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Pepper, Nehi, Nu Grape, Grapette Soda, Squirt, Royal Crown, Orange Crush, Orange Squeeze, A & W, Bowey’s Root Beer, Dad’s Root Beer, Barqs and some smaller soda companies such as Stoecker, Henry Luebbe, Phos- Ferrene and others.

Antique advertising soda collectibles include soda bottles, syrup dispensers, signs, trays, clocks, thermometers, door pushes, glasses, coolers, crates, menu boards, radios, openers, postcards and much more.

Tin serving trays and tip trays with beautiful, colorful artwork were also produced in a wide variety and proved to be one of their most long-lasting advertising specialty items ever.While Coca-Cola is the leader of the old time soda advertisers, other companies with collectible interest are Pepsi-Cola, Vess, Whistle, Smile, 7-Up, Howdy, Royal Crown, Canada Dry, Kist, Hires, Dr.Early and rare pieces have set record-breaking prices in the collecting world.In 1891, Coca-Cola began producing at least a calendar a year, often created by famous artists such as Norman Rockwell and Haddon Sundblom.Rare memorabilia from popular brands and companies that made soda for a short time can generate the most value. the worth of the soda relics depend on condition, the brand, location, date, and how rare and unique it is.

Signs were the best form of advertising for soda companies from the late 1930’s through the 1950’s.

Soda trays are another from of advertising and were used to serve soft drinks at soda fountains, diners and neighborhood centers.

Most soda trays were circular, rectangular or oval and usually around 10 to 14 inches in size.

Some soda pop bottles had straight forms and others were created with a contour like a torpedo, or curvy such as Coca-Cola’s hobble skirt design.

In the early 1900’s most of the soft drinks had embossments on the bottles to show the manufacturer’s name and city.

Soda bottles also had other engravings or logos to differentiate their brand.