Dating scan today

Either that or my ovulation was totally up the creek! my LO was measuring 30 mm @ 10 wk scan so baby is measuring correctly.

That date will include the 2wks u add o from ovulation. There is a healthy heartbeat, baby is doing fine and altho you'll b disappointed to b put back a few weeks, you'll b out the 1st tri before u know it.

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It can also find out if you are having more than one baby.

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My baby had a slow bit of growth between 6 weeks and 8 weeks and measured smaller than he/she should have, and then baby had a growth spurt and at my 11w4d scan my baby measured 11w5d.

This scan can give a more accurate establishment of your due date than counting from your last monthly period (LMP).

If that were the case i'd b almost 13 weeks and i'm not, i'm only 11.

My baby was measuring 10 weeks at 10 weeks from lmp so u r just under 10 wks. She was put back 3 wks which didnt tie in with her lmp but it was right enough, she ovulated later and baby arrived just after her due date based on dating scan x I'm fortunate or unfortunate enough to be able to access my ultrasounds on the computer system at work, and I can use the same tool to measure the baby as the sonographer does.

Hello ladies, I’m new to posting on these boards, but read them daily as it can be very comforting and reassuring.

Thank you for sharing your deepest thoughts, fears and experiences 🙏🏻Had a D&C 6/3/18 for blighted ovum, negative home pregnancy test 31/03/18, felt implantation symptoms 8/04/18... strong positive ☺️I’ll not go into the list of pregnancy/morning sickness symptoms I’ve had (pretty much from day one of implantation symptoms..).

Two: scared it’s another false start and will be told it’s not a keeper 😬Has anyone got some positive stories to share after falling pregnant after D&C and before 1st cycle?

I’m 38 and was told by Firtility specialists my egg reserve is bad.

It's amazing how difficult it is to get it accurate!