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The sharpness and smoothness of this blade lets you shave fast; this reduces irritation and razor burn.If you need a budget option, you can choose a pack of 2 blades, which comes at a lower price.

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On any single day, there are different Schick Injector Razor models circulating the market.

Most of them look the same; they have a butterscotch handle with inscribed art and their heads are gold. The best Schick injector razor blades are designed to meet the needs of shavers using the Schick injector razors and other single-edge safety razors.

This unit is offered for use in men’s safety razors.

You can use in Schick Injector Razors and in a number of other safety razor brands.

The Schick Injector Blades, 7-Count allows a close, clean and comfortable shave.

The blade retains its edge for a long time, and you can use the blade for up to ten shaves before you need a replacement.It’s as if MM is a Jumbo elephant and we are blind men (and women) coming at this great beast from several different angles and trying to describe to someone on the other end of the phone what it is we think we are “seeing”, by describing the part of the elephant we are touching [groping the poor fella in hopes of being the one to discover a schematic breakdown down in braille first] .Anyone of you who has Googled Moustache/Mustache May will know what I am talking about.It seems like there are 10 different sites all with different origins and different mustachioed folks at the helm…Oh, and did I mention the parties or “stache bashes,” as some of the more seasoned refer to them as? Some organizations throw an opening party to kick off the month, some throw an opener and closer but all for sure throw a final send off in celebration of the wicked cookie duster we will all inevitably find our noses nesting in come the end of Mustache May.– [Formed 2001]This is my favorite site so far; clear, concise and 12 years of credibility.Besides making the surface smooth, this coating keeps the blade corrosion and rust resistant.