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The message will only show if I dont let the truck warm up (normally 15 min) but if I try to cut that down to 5-10 min that is when it shows the message (the temp outside is between 10-30 F).

is from the NSBU but I cant find much on the p0871 I dont want to just go spend on a new switch if thats not the problem.

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When E pressure switch is in the open state, E shift valve should be in the unstroked position.

-- Go to Step 7 Go to Step 14 7 Connect the transmission 20-way connector.

My truck recently started to give me the message Range Shift Inhibited and the code P0871 Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch C Circuit Range/Performance but the cold doesnt always show up.

The E pressure switch monitors E shift valve positioning and relays it to the transmission control module (TCM).

Google releases the majority of Chrome's source code as the Chromium open-source project.