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The main reasons the store’s prices are low, according to a forum member, is that audiologists earn a commission when they make a sale.Costco uses hearing aid dispensers (not audiologists) and they do not earn a commission.

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The site does not allow advertising or promotion of any brands.

By browsing the forums I’ve found information on low cost options, which brands of hearing aid are best, how to avoid scams and ripoffs, how to find a reputable audiologist and much more.

This allowed me to gain information and test 2 demos in an office setting to get some idea of what a hearing aid can do for me.

Once at Costco, I found the folks knowledgeable, willing to answer my questions.

They weren’t astronomically expensive, but 00 for two seemed pretty astronomical to me.

The audiologist handed them to me and that was that.But you won’t find that information – or advice on how to save money – on most sites, because hearing aids are marketed so aggressively that it’s hard to find informative sites that aren’t promoting one company’s product over another.Government and nonprofit sites such as the National Institute on Deafness only give very basic information.After surfing the Hearing Aid Forums I found out that digital hearing aids are adjustable by the user and that all this time, I could have been making all kinds of little adjustments.I also learned that I could have gotten a much better deal at Costco.“I ordered 2 a Blues with just the simple remote and have been wearing them for almost 3 weeks. I was at a very noisy event last night and by using the remote to cycle to the correct setting was able to participate completely in conversations with everyone at the table. I have also noticed a huge difference at work – so much less having to ask for repetition.” Another user recommends the slightly more expensive Audicus model: “You should have purchased the a Note instead of the a Blue.