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While it’s likely a screen test was involved to ensure the two would work well together on camera, there was nothing in the report, nor in similar stories from Deadline and , that indicated he was hand-picked by Jolie for the role.

The false narrative originated from a tabloid with a history of publishing untrue tales about Jolie.

What’s even crazier is that after calling Skrein Jolie’s “boyfriend,” sixth on its list of “details” about the English star is, “He might be taken.” The outlet writes, “Ed may be in a relationship with the mother of his son. “Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Still Working Out Divorce Settlement.” The Blast, 7 Feb.

In 2015, they reportedly lived together with their son in East London and it is unknown whether or not this is still true.” Yet the publication still saw fit to deem him Jolie’s “boyfriend.” The logic here is sorely lacking. “Angelina Jolie 'Absolutely Not Seeing Anyone' Since Brad Pitt Split, Says Source.” People, 27 Mar.

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He was then asked if he wanted to be single, and the hosts could sense he was upset. That’s the first time I’ve spoken about that,” Ed said. I didn’t know,” Kyle said when Ed responded, “I didn’t know you were going to ask.” “I didn’t even have it written down, I just wondered.

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Unfortunately, popular search engines are currently promoting this half-baked story as a top result when one searches for “Angelina Jolie” (see screengrabs below). “Ed Skrein to Play Villain in 'Maleficent' Sequel.” The Hollywood Reporter, 17 Apr.

Rather than getting real, verifiable news, fans are being presented with fake news. “Ed Skrein To Play A Villain In Disney's 'Maleficent' Sequel.” Deadline, 17 Apr.

Gossip Cop can explain how this is a classic example of fake news created by the tabloids.