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This bigger brother of display advertising is a bit more effective, yet still expensive.Google can be partially blamed for the constant growth in cost per click, together with the increasing number of competitors.

B2B marketers say , where we see that they average a CPC of .86, up to a maximum of .07 per click. Given that the conversion rate for these keywords is going to be low, people only have one health insurance.What they pay per lead will be well above 0 per lead.This question brought me on a quest to search, find and analyze all available information on the average cost per lead.Since cost per lead (or CPL) is the most used metric to analyze the efficiency of a marketing campaign. While searching trustworthy sources for this post, I bumped into several definitions of a lead.Not a big surprise, since display advertising is used for retargeting and a way to keep leads warm rather than as a lead generator.

The channel with the second most expensive cost per lead is search engine advertising (SEA).You must learn which factors will influence each of these metrics so that you can continue to optimize and improve your site.Both of these strategies have been proven to increase sales, so which works out as better value for money? Perhaps the most important difference is that with cost per click models, you are often paying for accidental clicks or people who were just curious and not looking for your business.Interestingly, during my search, I found multiple authoritative cost per lead articles, that I didn’t want to keep from you. To avoid puzzled looks throughout this post, I’d like to define a lead as someone who leaves any kind of contact information behind.If there’s anything you would like to learn about cost per lead, you’ll find your answer there. This could be an email address, phone number or just a name. Simply divide what you spend on a campaign or channel by the number of leads that came in from that channel.This article gives you an overview of the cost per lead for each industry within the PPC space.