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Jill stabs Sidney in the stomach and mutilates herself to make it seem as if Trevor attacked her.

She taught me how to live life with more enthusiasm and joy.I taught her how to celebrate Michigan football and Steelers wins (who got the better end of that one?Dewey calls in all police units, as media reporters outside confirm Jill as "the new Sidney Prescott", a title that would be short lived.In May 2010, Cathy Konrad, who produced the first three films in the series, filed a million lawsuit against The Weinstein Company, alleging that they violated a written agreement that entitled her company, Cat Entertainment, first rights to produce all films in the series.She moved to Tempe, Dearborn, Ann Arbor, Royal Oak, Toledo, and then Detroit. Then, on December 22, 2017, I popped The Question and now we're engaged.

In between, we each graduated college, got jobs, got new jobs, and fell more and more in love with each other.He suddenly stabs her in the stomach and reveals himself as Ghostface, before leaving her for dead.Sidney is confronted by Charlie and a second Ghostface, who is revealed as Jill.I pretended to not know how to swim to get her attention..worked!The next summer, I worked on staff at Camp and tried all summer to change her perception of me from "Kevin, who can't swim," to "Kevin, who seems like a nice guy." The NEXT summer, I worked on staff again and used my Zumba skills to change her perception of me from "Kevin, who seems like a nice guy," to "Kevin, who I want to date." From there, I moved to Ann Arbor, Barcelona, back to Ann Arbor, and then Detroit.He also commented on the life status of Sidney Prescott, "She's done her best to move on from the events that occurred in the previous films, even releasing a successful book".