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To have someone stop me on the street and say they love what I do, it’s crazy. March 22nd, 2008 was the day Dejan started his You Tube channel.

“From the beginning, it was something I did to submit to myself and to my agent just to have some footage to send to people.

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Molli Jane Norman, originally from Conneaut Lake, PA, began her dance training at the age of three with Miss Dreama’s Darlings.

At the age of 9, her and her family moved to Erie, PA, where she began dancing at Paula and Judy’s Dance Connection, where she remained for over 5 years training in acro, jazz, ballet, lyrical, hip hop and adagio.

Molli Jane was also a coach and a dancer at The Dance Worlds in 20.

In 2011 she started her own dance group called The 814 Dancers, who danced at local events and concerts held in Erie.

I was more excited about making a song come to life with choreography rather than creating a song.

It was a calling; I’ve just been lucky to get it at a young age.

I love it.” Different it is, if you take one tweet where, in between doing classes for Danz People, he is happily enjoying Asian delicacies such as this: “If your dream is dancing and you want to be a dancer, nothing should stop you. I had people in the beginning telling me not to post any videos online because everybody watches and they can take choreography because back in the day, that’s how people would steal choreography. Follow your dreams and don’t do what anybody says and listen to your heart.

I went against that and I said “No, I really don’t care. As cliché as it sounds, it’s the absolute truth.” — Over 60 international youth delegates and 300 Singapore youth launched the ‘Live It Up Without Lighting Up’ Global Movement to get youth excited about leading a tobacco-free lifestyle.

“I strongly believe in this cause, so to be part of something like that to make this whole global movement is a huge honour.

To be here to see a whole different world is exciting for me.

Dejan and his partner, Janelle Ginestra, just choreographed for platinum-record Canadian artist Anjulie’s national tour for the next few weeks.