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# Devon Edwenna Aoki is popularly known as Devon Aoki. # Her father is former Olympic wrestler and Benihana restaurant magnate Rocky Aoki and her mother is Pamela Hilburger, a jewelry designer.

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28-year-old Aoki began modeling at age 13 and replaced Naomi Campbell as the face of Versace just three years later.

She's posed for the likes of Chanel, YSL and Fendi and had roles in "2 Fast 2 Furious" and "Sin City." Check out some recent photos of Aoki and Bailey below -- and our pick for what she should wear to her wedding.

They became engaged over the summer, and she has just found out she is pregnant." All news to us!

No word on when the baby is due or the wedding date.

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Celebrity Babes Home / Entertainment Channel She’s exotic, sexy and could kick your ass, but most people don’t know her by name. It’s Devon Aoki, perhaps best known for her role as the beautiful ninja, Miho, in Robert Rodriguez’s “Sin City.” Half German/English and half-Japanese, Devon is one of the most popular faces in the fashion world today, and has made the jump to film almost seamlessly.

A New York native, Devon’s discovery is mostly thanks to Kate Moss, who persuaded the Elite model agency (for which she was also contracted under) to sign the young teenager upon looking at just one photo of her.

# Devon grew up in California and attended high school at The American School in London.

# She started modeling when she was 13, the same year her godmother introduced her to Kate Moss.

In 2003, Devon made her feature film debut on the red carpet in the much unheard-of musical-comedy “Death of a Dynasty.