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Date : 22-Jul-15 Name : Kennel Yapyard Web Site : : Norway How you found us : by link Comments : Hi Very nice site and beautifuls dogs. Date : 26-Dec-11 Name : Georgie Web Site : Country : australia How you found us : Google search Comments : Beautiful dogs they are my favorite breed full of personality and very loyal guard dogs and companions 0ur one is still going strong at age 12 and is known by everyone in our neighborhood.

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Date : 10-Aug-15 Name : Brian & Fay Lang Web Site : Country : Australia How you found us : Met Sue(?

) at the 2015 Sydney Royal Easter Show Comments : We met a lovely girl you had showing.

Our boy who was with us for 10 years passed away on 8 Aug, at the age of 13yrs. we are planning of adding a male Giant to our family sometime in the near future and are currently looking around for reputable breeders who are willing to ship their pup to Singapore. U have my email :) Looking forward to hear from you.

Date : 7-Sep-15 Name : Claire Web Site : Country : Brisbane, Australia How you found us : Dogzonline Comments : Very beautiful Schnauzers and great to see the website up to date.

Now, over 12 months later we think a girl would be an easier weight for us to handle.

A black girl avoids the obvious comparisons with our pepper and salt boy.I wish you all the best in the future with breeding and showing.Best wishes Ċ½eljka Date : 26-Mar-08 Name : Andrea van Gale Web Site : Country : Australia How you found us : Royal Melb Show Comments : After seeing Goofy, we fell in love with the breed and consider ourselves to have one of Goofy's sons.Please feel free to sign my guestbook to let me know you visited!Name : Dean Web Site : web site Country : England How you found us : Dogz Online Comments : Fabulous Dogs Date : 10-Sep-17 Name : Rachel Web Site : Country : Singapore How you found us : au Comments : We have 2 MS (1 male S&P and 1 female White).How often do you hear of a dog not wanting to go out and run around? On top of calls and texts, there are constant notifications from twitter, Facebook and email just to name a few.