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Between the ages of seven and 16, every summer Kip alongside his beloved younger brother Randy and dear younger sister Dana spent one month with each set of grandparents – “Grampy and Grammy” and “Grandpa and Grandma.” Those days with his grandparents in Michigan and Indiana respectively heightened his sense of adventure and deepened his love and appreciation of family.During his high school years – in Virginia Beach, Virginia; Winter Park, Florida; and Libertyville, Illinois – Kip was active in athletics, was selected to be a member of the National Honor Society, and obtained the rank of Eagle in the Boy Scouts. However, in time, Kip’s greatest hero became Jesus.

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Like many young men of the 1960’s, he was inspired by those who refused to compromise and were willing to sacrifice everything for a worthy cause.

This temperament is also deep in the Mc Kean family heritage, as they are called higher by the courage of one of their ancestors, Thomas Mc Kean.

Here he came to a deep personal faith in Christ and in the divine inspiration of the Bible.

At the end of his freshman year at the University of Florida, he was invited to a college devotional sponsored by the 14th Street Church of Christ.

All three children have married and have very successful careers.

Kip and Elena are now tremendously excited to be grandparents! However, at the end of Kip’s sophomore year in high school, he became very involved in a dynamic fundamental Christian congregation in Maitland, Florida – the Asbury United Methodist Church.(A year later, this congregation adopted the name of the Crossroads Church of Christ.) This congregation in Gainesville had begun a pilot program for campus ministry for the Mainline Churches of Christ just five years earlier.Some of the more progressive Mainline Churches of Christ desired to impact the secular college campus and initially modeled their efforts after Campus Crusade.This same learning from the past prayerfully will be true for God’s new Sold Out Movement.As Kip preached at the 2010 Jubilee on the theme of The Promised Land On The Second Try, “Second is best because God rewards the quest.” Kip Mc Kean was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 31, 1954.Concerning “the evangelization of the nations in this generation,” some have asked, “What is going to be different this ‘second time’ around?