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This method of using the [homes] section works well if different users share a client PC.The [homes] section can specify all the parameters a normal service section can specify, though some make more sense than others.

Typically the path specified is that of a world-writeable spool directory with the sticky bit set on it.A typical [printers] entry looks like this: All aliases given for a printer in the printcap file are legitimate printer names as far as the server is concerned.Sections may be designated is used to define access privileges in this case.Sections other than guest services will require a password to access them. As older clients only provide passwords and not usernames, you may specify a list of usernames to check against the password using the option in the share definition.The user has write access to the path If a section called [homes] is included in the configuration file, services connecting clients to their home directories can be created on the fly by the server.

When the connection request is made, the existing sections are scanned. If no match is found, the requested section name is treated as a username and looked up in the local password file.

This is a fast and simple way to give a large number of clients access to their home directories with a minimum of fuss.

A similar process occurs if the requested section name is , except that the share name is not changed to that of the requesting user.

Internal whitespace within a parameter value is retained verbatim.

Any line beginning with a semicolon ( is continued on the next line in the customary UNIX fashion.

The following is a typical and suitable [homes] section: This section works like [homes], but for printers.