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Use gi.require_version('Gtk', '3.0') before import to ensure that the right version gets loaded.

I call a report via an ASP page that renders the CR plugin in an IE6 browser. The simple reports with no subreport, or only one subreport are working.

I've checked all the formula fields, they passed the check test.

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The more complex reports, ones with multiple subreports are a problem.

The problem is triggerred when I attempt to page forward or jump to last page, I get this error: "craxdrt error caused on server.

There are four subreports located within a group by section.

Three of those subreports run off a user supplied parameter, and may or may not have data.

Ok.then .the report(s) that aren't running correctly,... I'm unsure, in the About window, the version info is: Where would I check for R1 or R2?

I would suggest having a Developer go into the reports and checkout the SECTION EXPERT..see what the issue is.... Regarding inspecting SECTION EXPERT, to avoid confusion and for simplicity I will discuss only one report, named gfl74.When the goto last page button is clicked, all the data is sent client side.I bring this up because it seems that paging over multiple subreports is the issue, despite what the the error message says, that message might be misleading.Open and update any one of the 3 subreports and save.Open the main report and click the refresh (lightning bolt) button.But when deployed to the server, the paging is a problem. By 'converted', I mean I followed the CR instructions.